The Hartford News began in 1977 as The Southside Neighborhood News. “Southside,” as it soon came to be known, was a hit from its very first edition. Due to its success, “Southside” went city-wide and became The Hartford News in 1987. Since then, The Hartford News has become a valuable bridge between the city’s many ethnic groups. Now, after 41 years, The Hartford News is still Hartford’s only city-wide community newspaper. Approximately 10,000 copies of the paper are distributed throughout the city every Thursday. Besides The Hartford News, we publish different issues throughout the year. These special issues are St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Celebrate Bloomfield, Hartford Blooms, Jazz Festival, Bloomfield Health, Park Road Parade, Columbus Day, and the Hartford Holidays. We also publish Greater Hartford Guide For New Residents & Visitors with special specifications sizes and rates.

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